Sep 292010
 September 29, 2010  Posted by  Court, Surveillance

From Courthouse News:

Environmentalists claim the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency’s Office of Homeland Security contracted with an Institute of Terrorism Research and Response to spy on them and disseminate reports that classify them as “potential threats against critical infrastructure.” The group says the spying was revealed after the director of the state agency mistakenly sent an email about it to an environmentalist instead of to the natural gas industry. Newspaper stories followed, and the governor apologized and canceled the contract, according to the federal complaint.


The group wants all the information collected about it destroyed, plus costs and “nominal damages,” of $125,000, and an injunction to protect it, and similar groups, from surveillance of legal activities.

Read more on Courthouse News.

Read the complaint in Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition v. Powers. Here’s a snippet from it:

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