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 June 4, 2013  Posted by  Workplace, Youth & Schools

Daniel Solove writes:

In 2012, the media erupted with news about employers demanding employees provide them with their social media passwords so the employers could access their accounts. This news took many people by surprise, and it set off a firestorm of public outrage. It even sparked a significant legislative response in the states.

I thought that the practice of demanding passwords was so outrageous that it couldn’t be very common. What kind of company or organization would actually do this? I thought it was a fringe practice done by a few small companies without much awareness of privacy law.

But Bradley Shear, an attorney who has focused extensively on the issue, opened my eyes to the fact that the practice is much more prevalent than I had imagined, and it is an issue that has very important implications as we move more of our personal data to the Cloud.

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  One Response to “Employers and Schools that Demand Account Passwords and the Future of Cloud Privacy”

  1. Workplaces have been demanding Facebook passwords for a while, but now schools are demanding them too? I guess their parents really should teach the kids to say “I dont use Facebook” The school cannot prove either way so it ends in a stalemate and the school is forced to just forget about it.

    Im not sure the same can be used for employment though, they could refuse to hire you because you are too shady for having no presence on there.

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