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Deloitte LLP’s 2009 Ethics & Workplace Survey, released in May, found a big gap between employers and employees on whether businesses should be able to monitor Internet behavior off the clock.

Sixty percent of the business executives surveyed said they had a right to know how their organizations were portrayed by employees in online social networks, as opposed to 53 percent of employees who said that information was private. Although the majority of employees said the information was private, an even-larger share – 74 percent – said it’s easy to damage a company’s reputation on social media.

More than half of the executives surveyed said that reputational risk and social networking should be a boardroom issue, but only 15 percent of them follow through with discussing it at meetings.

The study, which measures employee online behavior and the impact it can have on a business’ reputation, surveyed about 2,000 employed adults as well as 500 business executives in April.

Read more in The Washington Times.

Deloitte Press Release
Deloitte  Survey Results (pdf)

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