Mar 192010
 March 19, 2010  Posted by  Featured News

Golda Meir Library, West Wing, 4th Floor Conference Center
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Free and open to the public

Topics to be discussed include:

* What innovative online tools and services are libraries bringing to users, and what are the potential impacts on patron privacy?
* Are there privacy considerations for providing or controlling access to digital collections?
* How do current laws & policies protect patron privacy, and are any changes coming?
* What are the broader ethical responsibilities for librarians and information professions in the libraries of the future?

Featured panelists:

* Liza Barry-Kessler : privacy lawyer and co-author Privacy in the 21st Century: Issues for Public, School, and Academic Libraries
* Kristin Eschenfelder : associate professor, School of Library and Information Studies, UW-Madison
* Peter Lor : visiting professor, School of Information Studies, UW-Milwaukee, Past Secretary General, International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA)
* Michael Zimmer : assistant professor, School of Information Studies, UW-Milwaukee

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