Aug 112009
 August 11, 2009  Posted by  Govt, Online, U.S.

Today, EFF and the Center for Democracy and Technology submitted comments to the Office of Management and Budget in response to the agency’s review of the policies governing the federal government’s use of cookies and other web technologies.

The comments are an extension of recommendations we made in May, in which we suggested that the OMB permit cookie-based web analytics so long as the process was carefully overseen and met with specific strict safeguards. Today, we’ve expanded our recommendations to include the use of cookies for creating individualized web account logins and other common web practices that we understand government webmasters would like to be able to use. Overall, we continue to urge the government to limit the use of any data collected, to eliminate this data as soon as possible, and to seek third-party oversight.

Read more on EFF (The Electronic Frontier Foundation).

Related: EPIC submitted comments to the Office of Management and Budget recommending that the existing ban on the use of cookies at federal government websites be maintained.

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