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I don’t usually post press releases for start-ups or commercial ventures, but this one is a bit different and the more eyes and audits we put on it, the better, perhaps, because now we’re dealing with sensitive and personal information of children with disabilities.

SEATTLE, Oct. 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Inspired Futures AI, a Seattle-area startup, is set to launch mytaptrack, an IoT device that tracks the behaviors and symptoms of special needs children. The technology allows teachers, parents and doctors of special needs children to share data immediately for faster diagnoses and treatment. It will be the first to report in real time to a secure, HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) compliant online platform.

Inspired Futures AI founder, Nikody Keating, created mytaptrack after a miscommunication concerning his own special needs child resulted in delayed treatment. One click, two clicks, or holding a click on the device logs a symptom. With each click the child’s parents, teachers and doctors receive instant or scheduled notifications of behaviors and changes in patterns.

“As the father of special needs children, I felt it was vital to create a way for my son’s teachers and doctors to share information in real time, and adjust treatment as quickly as possible,” said Keating. “I’ve been in software development for decades. The timing is right to do this. The latest technologies in IoT, AI and serverless cloud computing have aligned to make it possible. It’s no secret special education needs an overhaul, and school districts are under pressure to provide the latest and greatest in education technology. We have the solution.”

mytaptrack cracks the code to provide FERPA compliance for schools and HIPAA compliance for doctors. Both are essential for the care of special needs children. David Kirschbaum, President of Kirschbaum Consulting and an investor in several companies including Mission Data, sits on the Board of Advisors for Inspired Futures AI. As a key investor with an MBA in Finance from Indiana University, he’s been instrumental in accelerating the startup.

Kirschbaum shared, “Entrepreneur magazine recently recognized ‘a record worldwide investment in EdTech companies in 2018.’ But when you search for solutions 100% focused on special education, there’s a void. We think it’s because special needs kids are a unique group, bound by two highly regulated worlds — education and medicine. Investing in a company with a product that connects these two worlds just makes sense. mytaptrack effectively and efficiently maximizes opportunity for over seven million kids in U.S. elementary schools alone.” Kirschbaum continued, “My wife is a specialist pediatrician. Her excitement about this product made it clear to me there is both a market and a need.”

mytaptrack uses Amazon Web Services and Logicworks to ensure sensitive regulated data in the cloud meets the highest security standards. A complete history of data can be managed and shared in the online mytaptrack platform with accessibility controlled by the main account subscriber. Enterprise subscriptions for mytaptrack are available for schools and medical facilities. Parents of special needs children can request a trial kit through the mytaptrack.com website.

Keating added, “I want mytaptrack to be a lifeline for special needs children everywhere.”

About Inspired Futures AI, LLC

Inspired Futures AI is a Seattle-area tech company that helps special needs children succeed using mytaptrack. mytaptrack, a symptoms tracking IoT device and platform, counts the moments that shape special needs children, and shares data in real time with teachers, parents and doctors. mytaptrack is poised to revolutionize special education through innovation that promotes inclusion, progress and understanding. Inspired Futures AI is committed to providing private, secure solutions for children worldwide. Learn more at mytaptrack.com and @mytaptrack on all social media platforms.

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