Sep 192014
 September 19, 2014  Posted by  Featured News, U.S., Youth & Schools

An editorial in the Daily Free Press begins:

Most American students have had some level of sexual health education in high school, but Clemson University in South Carolina has demanded that all of its students participate in an online Title IX Training Course to increase knowledge of sexual safety and help avoid instances of sexual abuse on campus. The course tackles issues such as substance abuse and sexual assault. Oh yeah, and it also tackles the sexual histories of everyone on the Clemson campus.

That’s right. As part of this mandatory online program, which must be completed by Nov. 1, students and faculty must fill out a questionnaire about their sexual histories, a fact discovered by college news website Campus Reform on Wednesday. Although the survey is labeled “anonymous” and issued through a third-party site, students are required to enter their student IDs, housing information, student emails and their first and last names.

Read more on Daily Free Press. This is one of those, “WTF were they thinking in requiring students to answer such sensitive questions – and online, no less, where data can be hacked?!”

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