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 August 11, 2016  Posted by  Breaches, Business, U.S., Youth & Schools

Jim Siegel reports on what sounds like a bizarre claim:

A week after the state’s largest charter school turned over thousands of records to the state, it now wants some of them back.

The Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow is accusing the Ohio Department of Education of criminal invasion of privacy that, it argues, puts hundreds of students’ identities at risk.

A letter from ECOT to the education department’s legal counsel accuses the department of violating state law in regards to the removal of student records from the school’s custody — even though ECOT itself provided the records.

Read more on Columbus Dispatch.

  5 Responses to “ECOT wants records back, says state violated student privacy”

  1. Please add more news links and resources to this blog post to substantiate a reason why Ohio Dept of education asked for student records. There are very good reasons because there have been possibly unethical issues regarding fudging records to warrant this. Ohio is not ( in my opinion) invading privacy at all. ECOT needs to file lawsuit to take the heat off of them for allegedly behaving unethically.

    This story has been followed by public school education/ privacy advocates from all over. It was a scandal that Diane Ravitch and Columbus papers reported back on in March.

    ECOT is an online charter school where “leaders for tomorrow” padded and fudged student enrollment for their online study courses. There has been very reasonable questions as to what is going on at that online charter school.

    I would be happy to pass along the related links but all you need to do is put ECOT Ohio charter scandal in Google search engine. Multiple links will come up including Diane Ravitch.

  2. This site is a privacy news site, so my only focus is on the privacy/confidentiality aspects of any controversy. That is the only aspect I will likely link to. My readers are intelligent enough that they can read up on background of cases or pursue other aspects that may interest them.

  3. There is no confidentiality aspect of this at all. No one is even sure who is attending since it is via online and no visible proof of student attendance.

  4. I didn’t say there was a confidentiality aspect to THIS matter. What I’m saying is that I don’t give a rat’s ass about what you want me to note or link to. Do it on your blog, because it won’t happen here.

  5. Actually I got bored with blog writing and got rid of blog again.

    I give you so much credit and tenacity to keep the blog up and running for so long.

    Also, you are funny. I laughed at don’t give a rat’s ass.

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