May 202016
 May 20, 2016  Posted by  Breaches, Business, Court

Over on, I noted that there were already a few cases where defendants in data breach lawsuits were citing Spokeo v. Robins in seeking dismissal of the lawsuits.

Alison Frankel of Reuters subsequently blogged about the issue today, and mentioned yet a few more cases now rushing to the courts citing Spokeo. She writes:

It will be a long while until the lower courts decide who won Spokeo – but it is already clear that defendants in privacy class actions are going to wield the Supreme Court ruling like a weed wacker. In just the first few days after its issuance, the decision is already an issue in three privacy breach cases.

The three cases she cites involve Children’s National Health System (which I had also mentioned on, PayTime, and Conde Nast. If you include Barnes & Noble, which I had also cited today, that’s four cases so far.

Read more on Reuters.

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