Jan 142014
 January 14, 2014  Posted by  Business

CBS reports:

As CBS 2′s Maurice DuBois reports, stores are increasingly offering to send customers email receipts, which are convenient and save paper.

But if you choose an e-receipt, experts warn that convenience comes with a price: your privacy.

“Once you’ve given up your email address, that retailer can use it for any purpose,” said consumer advocate Richard Holober.

Holober said that includes sending you more emails, using it for targeted marketing and even selling your information to a third party.

In New York and New Jersey, retailers cannot request personal information such as an email address or phone number to complete a credit card transaction. But asking for an email address to send a receipt is a loophole in the law.

Read more on CBS.

It’s just another reminder of the benefits of using an email service that allows unlimited tagged e-mail addresses and self-expiring email addresses.

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