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Ben Smith reports:

New Jersey’s last-minute offer of e-mail voting to displaced residents was greeted by concern by security experts, who warn that e-mail offers a fast track to voter fraud.

But the system may have another problem as well: County election administrators are, according to anecdotal reports, simply not responding to all requests for ballots. In two major counties, the e-mail address advertised on the website of the county clerk is not even accepting e-mail.

The e-mail address listed on the website of the Morris County Clerk, [email protected], is not receiving e-mail. Nor is the e-mail address, [email protected], listed on the website of the Essex County Clerk, nor theCounty’s site. (The Essex County Clerk posted to his Facebook page Monday that voters could e-mail requests to his personal Hotmail account.


Essex County Clerk C.J. Durkin e-mailed at 5:30 a.m. Tuesday, “We are working around the clock to try and ensure that everyone who wants to vote…can. As an alternative email, voters can send requests to [email protected]

Oh. My. God.

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h/t, Ashkan Soltani


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