Aug 292009
 August 29, 2009  Posted by  Breaches, Court, Non-U.S.

As reported two weeks ago, the Dutch royals sued the AP alleging invasion of privacy for taking pictures of the royals while on vacation. Now the AP reports that a court has ruled in favor of the Dutch royal family.

Although the AP had argued that the pictures were taken of public figures in a public place, the court held that the royals had as much right to privacy in some situations as others and that Dutch law applied, even if the pictures were taken outside of the Netherlands. The judge ruled that

Plaintiffs must, as public figures fulfilling a constitutional function, endure attention from the media, even when they are appearing in private and especially when they appear in a public place. However this does not mean that the plaintiffs, when they appear in private, should always have to be alert that photos made in that situation can be offered to the media for publication.

The AP has not yet decided whether it will appeal the ruling.

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