Dec 152014
 December 15, 2014  Posted by reports:

Dutch privacy watchdog CBP is threatening internet giant Google with a fine of up to €15m for contravening Dutch privacy legislation. Since 2012, Google has been combining information about users from Gmail, Google maps, YouTube and search results into a single profile. This, broadcaster Nos points out, allows the company to offer more targeted advertising. However, the CBP says Google is not informing users properly about its actions or asking them permission. This, the CBP says, contravenes Dutch law. Privacy regulators in Britain, Germany, Spain and Italy are also taking action, the CBP says.


The CBP’s press release on the warning can be found here.

As more and more countries pile on with these piddling fines, there will come a tipping point as to what Google will do if it wants to continue doing business in the EU. It has already ceased its news search engine in Spain over a fees issue, but this is a privacy issue.

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