May 192017
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AP reports:

Four sisters of Josh Duggar who were revealed to have told police that they’d been molested by their older brother are suing the city of Springdale and Washington County, Arkansas, and publishers of the magazine that first revealed their identities.

Jill Duggar Dillard, Jessa Duggar Seewald, Jinger Duggar Vuolo and Joy Duggar are suing the city, the county and the publishers of InTouch Weekly for breaching their privacy.

Read more on WDEF.

  2 Responses to “Duggar sisters sue for breach of privacy”

  1. Interesting. My sisters & I were early Duggar watchers.

    • I never saw the show, had no desire to ever see the show, have very little knowledge about the whole thing, but I figured some of my readers might be interested in the privacy issue aspect, so… 🙂

      If you’d care to help me by being the designated alerter for developments on the privacy case, the job is yours! 🙂

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