Aug 282022
 August 28, 2022  Posted by  Breaches, Business, Online, Surveillance

Michael Crider reports:

Web users are becoming more and more aware of their privacy—or their lack thereof—on the modern internet. Search engine DuckDuckGo has always catered to those concerns, and doubled down on them with a dedicated Webkit-based browser for the Mac earlier this year. Now the company is completing its hat trick with a privacy-focused email service. Naturally, new accounts get the domain.

The DuckDuckGo email service has been in closed beta, but the company just removed the waitlist and made the service open for all. The service is called Email Protection, though in practice it works more or less like any web email system. DuckDuckGo provides users with a forwarding service—a “[email protected]” address, for example. Emails sent through this alias will have embedded tracking cookies and other methods of observation removed, and users will get reports on which companies have attempted to track the message.

Read more at  PCWorld.

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