Jan 292015
 January 29, 2015  Posted by  Featured News, Laws, U.S., Youth & Schools

Benjamin Herold reports:

New federal student-data-privacy legislation being crafted by the White House would prohibit education technology vendors from selling student information and directing targeted advertisements at students, but the legislation remains silent on other controversial industry practices, according to documents obtained by Education Week.

Since President Barack Obama announced earlier this month that he would seek a new federal “Student Digital Privacy Act,” educators, advocates, and industry leaders have awaited crucial details that could reshape the responsibilities of both companies and schools when it comes to protecting students’ privacy.

The White House has yet to release those details publicly.

But a draft of the proposed bill that has been circulated privately by Obama Administration officials offers key insights. It is unclear if the documents obtained by Education Week represent the most recent draft of the proposed legislation, or an early version that has since undergone revision.

Read more on Education Week.

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