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 September 7, 2017  Posted by  Featured News, Surveillance, U.S., Youth & Schools

Pat Battle reports:

Parents of students at a New Jersey high school were ordered to get their children’s blood and urine tested after a can of beer was discovered at a football game.

The can of beer reportedly landed on the ground and was spotted by a school official during a game at Randolph High School on Friday night.

It’s unclear if the can was thrown or fell, but it came from bleachers filled with students, according to a letter from Randolph Superintendent Jennifer Fano, who said some of the students appeared drunk and that several additional opened containers of alcohol were later discovered.

Read more on NBC New York.  Yeah, so this seems pretty over the top, requiring parents to get their kids tested within two hours or the kids will be suspended:

Parents were given two hours to get to health facilities in Morristown, Dover and Denville so their children could be screened. The students faced suspension from school if they didn’t complete the screening.

Guilty until proven innocent?

Update of Sept. 7:  Joe Cadillic sent me a note that there is more on this case here.

As I tweeted the other day, kids are supposed to have a FREE Appropriate Public Education. If parents can’t afford to get the kids drug/alcohol-tested, the kids are then deprived of 5 days of school? How can that possibly be in compliance with federal law?

And what about individual reasonable suspicion?

This whole thing is so troublesome. I hope the ACLU of NJ looks into this matter. I made them aware of it on Twitter.

  One Response to “Dozens of NJ High School Students Ordered to Get Blood, Urine Tests After Beer Can Flies From Bleachers at Football Game”

  1. So, uh, any time the school/board administration wants to test a horde of kids for drugs, etc. they just need to surreptitiously drop a beer can at/before a football game? Sounds legit…

    Suggest that the kids band together, begin dropping cans at every game, and bankrupt the school board with all of the fruitless testing that results.

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