Sep 182010
 September 18, 2010  Posted by  Featured News, Surveillance

One recurring news issue on this blog has been about taping or recording police in the performance of their duties.  My own view is that having cams can help protect both the police and the public.    Here’s a news story by David Begnaud where recordings helped the public — although in some cases, only after they had already been sent to jail:

Several criminal cases linked to a former Sacramento police officer have been dropped.

During a press conference Friday District Attorney Jan Scully said 79 of former Sacramento officer Brandon Mullock’s cases will be dismissed because he allegedly lied about them.

The allegations came to light after discrepancies surfaced between Mullock’s written reports and his dash cam video.

Read more on CBS13 and watch the video on that page as it gets more into the consequences for those affected.

(Image in carousel is screen shot from KOVR news coverage)

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