May 062011
 May 6, 2011  Posted by  Misc

With some fanfare, the Wall Street Journal launched a new whistleblower site, SafeHouse.  It didn’t take long for Jake Appelbaum to find the holes in it and if you were on Twitter yesterday, you could see a steady stream of tweets from @ioerror (Appelbaum), pointing out concerns. Adrian Chen writes:

The Wall Street Journal is trying to make a play for whistleblowers with its very own Wikileaks clone, SafeHouse. But SafeHouse is the opposite of safe, thanks to basic security flaws and fine print that lets the Journal rat on leakers.

SafeHouse, which launched today to much fanfare, promises to let leakers “securely share information with the Wall Street Journal,” by uploading documents directly to its servers, just like Wikileaks! But unlike Wikileaks, SafeHouse includes a doozy of a caveat in its Terms of Use:

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