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 June 22, 2009  Posted by  Featured News

This one-hour panel discussion served as the centerpiece event of the 2009 National Whistleblower Assembly. The presentation, entitled Domestic Surveillance: The Next Steps, focused on privacy rights, featuring key whistleblowers and leaders who have challenged warrantless wiretapping scandal since 2005 when it was first exposed.

Moderated by Government Accountability Project Homeland Security Director (and Justice Department whistleblower) Jesselyn Radack, the panel will touched on: Then-current FISA provisions; lawsuits against the Justice Department regarding Office of Legal Counsel memos justifying the use of domestic surveillance; the Obama administrations public stance on the matter; and what interested citizens, groups and politicians can do to ensure privacy rights. Panelists included:

Thomas Tamm, a former Department of Justice attorney whose whistleblowing disclosure has revealed the full scope of surveillance;

Marc Rotenberg, Executive Director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, and

Michael MacLeod-Ball, Chief Legislative and Policy Counsel for the ACLU.

This panel was organized by the Government Accountability Project. For more information, visit www.whistleblower.org

The presentation is in 6 segments:

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