May 122018
 May 12, 2018  Posted by  Breaches, Business

Laura Ratliff and Natalie O’Neill report another “small” (N=1) privacy breach that could have had huge consequences. As it is, it did have significant consequences in terms of terrorizing a woman:

The troubled app Wag gave a dog-walker’s home address to an angry Brooklyn client, who barged into her apartment in the middle of the night and threw a fit over a “missing” pup, sources said Friday.

“She came in and told me she knows where I live and that she’s gonna kill me,” said the dog walker, Shonagh Cleary, who later learned the pooch was perfectly safe back at the owner’s home.


Wag later sent her a message apologizing.

“The information regarding your home was relayed to her by us with the intention that it was going to an active-duty police officer,” states the message, which was shared with The Post.

Read more on NY Post.

And yeah, I wouldn’t accept that apology or excuse.

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