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 October 31, 2013  Posted by  Youth & Schools

Sheila Kaplan (@EducationNY) testified before the NYS Senate Standing Committee Hearing on Public Education this week. You can read her written testimony here (pdf).  Here’s part of her testimony:

In order to address these challenges comprehensively, each state would benefit from a Chief Privacy Officer in its Department of Education. The broad goal of a CPO is to promote the implementation of fair information practices for privacy and security of personally identifiable information (PII). Working with privacy experts, I drafted the model bill Chief Privacy Officer for Education Act that can easily be adapted to meet states’ needs. [See Exhibit 4, Chief Privacy Officer for Education Act; attached.] 

Under the proposed model bill, the CPO would advise students, parents and other individuals about options and actions that they can take to protect the privacy and security of PII; make recommendations on privacy and security to the governor, state legislatures and agencies, schools, parents and students; and conduct oversight of privacy and security activities of organizations handling and storing student data.

Read more here or watch:

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