May 012016
 May 1, 2016  Posted by  Business, Court, Non-U.S.

As I suggested to a commenter in another thread, not all requests for removal from search engine results really fall under “Right to Be Forgotten.” Here’s a case out of New Delhi that is really, at its core, a reputation management issue:

Does right to privacy include right to delink from the Internet the irrelevant information, the Delhi High Court has asked the Centre and Google.

Justice Manmohan sought the responses of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MOC & IT), Google Inc., Google India Pvt Ltd and IKanoon Software Development Pvt Ltd on a plea of an NRI seeking that he be “delinked” from information regarding a criminal case involving his wife in which he was not a party.

The petitioner has sought the relief saying it would affect his employment opportunities as companies often search about prospective employees on the internet and as the criminal case pops up on searching his name, it might give an impression that he was involved in it.

Read more on NDTV.

Is there an actual privacy issue here?

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