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 May 23, 2010  Posted by  Youth & Schools

Maureen Castriotta and Chris Rogers, members of the Roxbury Township Board of Education, write:

Every day, “We the People” lose a few more of our liberties at every level of government. Case in point is the disturbing trend of the adoption of Student Code of Conduct policies in our public schools throughout the state [New Jersey] requiring students to be on their best behavior the entire calendar year — even when school is out of session — or face disciplinary action from school authorities.

This begs the question: Just how much power are we willing to give our schools over our children?

In Roxbury Township, where we serve as school board members, a revised high school Student Code of Conduct was approved by a 7-3 vote last June, giving school administration the ability to prevent students from engaging in interscholastic athletics and student activities for inappropriate conduct on or off school grounds all year round.

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