Jul 182014
 July 18, 2014  Posted by  U.S., Youth & Schools

M.D. Kittle reports:

For Marcia Alder, of West Bend, one of the more troubling aspects of the Common Core State Standards is what she sees as the nationalized benchmarks’ intrusiveness.

Alder, mother of three students open enrolled in the Slinger public school system and outspoken critic of Common Core, says one of her children brought home a physical education lesson plan that was nothing short of an invasion of privacy. She said the teacher was teaching a lesson on diabetes.

Students were asked to fill out the medical history of family members and chart the information. If a relative was dead, the student was asked to include the date of death and the cause.

Read more on Watchdog.org.

Despite the statement by the hospital official mentioned in the piece, this is not a HIPAA issue as it is a teacher-generated assignment, and it is not even a Common Core issue. It is, however, a privacy concern, and teachers need more training on privacy.

Thanks to @PrivacyRightsIL for making me aware of this news story.

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