Nov 072010
 November 7, 2010  Posted by  Surveillance, Youth & Schools

Irene North is a kindred spirit when it comes to concerns about whether we are raising our children to be comfortable with being tracked.   In a new commentary on Daily Censored, she writes, in part:

Since the end of WWII, every child in America was taught to hate the phrase “papers please,” that spying on your neighbors was wrong, and everyone was entitled to their privacy. In the last ten years, the idea of personal privacy has changed, leading a vast amount of the American citizenry to think there is nothing wrong with giving up a little privacy for security, even if that security is perceived and not real or practical. We have become afraid of ourselves and everything around us, allowing governments and corporations to manipulate our long-held beliefs and ideals. Is this truly the future we envisioned and hoped for?

Read her entire commentary here.

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