May 042011
 May 4, 2011  Posted by  Laws

Leslie Harris of CDT tries to make the case for the Kerry-McCain bill in an op-ed. Most consumer privacy organizations have come out with strong concerns about the proposed bill, but CDT takes the position that it’s the best we’ve seen in a while and take what we can get.

I’m of the school of thought that you do not get behind a bill that’s inadequate just because it’s the best you’ve been offered so far.

So I’m not getting behind the bill. I’ll just wait for California and Europe to enact strong laws and then sit back and watch U.S. businesses scramble to comply. And I will continue to speak out that any federal law should not be allowed to preempt stronger state laws.

If Congress is serious, let it match or exceed the strongest state laws currently available. Then we can talk about preemption.

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