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 September 21, 2009  Posted by  Breaches, Business, Featured News, Online

Attorney Venkat Balasubramani has a commentary on the issue that begins:

Did Facebook’s acquisition of FriendFeed comport with FriendFeed’s privacy policy? In arguing this point, lawyers may debate the nuances of the policy, but consumers are largely left in the dark.

Most observers pegged the recent acquisition by FriendFeed of Facebook and by Mint of Intuit as at least partially – if not totally – driven by FriendFeed’s and Mint’s user base.

Are the resulting transfers of user information in line with consumer expectations as far as privacy? Do the transfers comply with the privacy policies of these companies? From the consumer standpoint, the answer is “no,” and probably “don’t know.” Privacy policies are increasingly filled with vague legalese.

As a result, lawyers and regulators may argue about the effect of technical language in these policies, but consumers are left without a clear idea as to what to expect.

In addition, the privacy practices of a company often vary from the stated policy.

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