Feb 282011
 February 28, 2011  Posted by  Court, Featured News, Youth & Schools

Jennifer Clark writes:

On March 1, the Court will hear one hour of oral argument in the consolidated cases of Camreta v. Greene (No. 09-1454) and Alford v. Greene (No. 09-1478).


Bob Camreta, a social worker employed by the state of Oregon, had information from a third party that S.G. and K.G., two minor girls living at home with their parents, were being sexually abused by their father.  Camreta, accompanied by Deputy Sheriff James Alford, went to S.G.’s school, took her out of class and to a school conference room, and interviewed her for one to two hours to determine whether she was being sexually abused at home.  Camreta did not seek either a warrant or consent from S.G.’s parents for the interview.  Camreta asked all of the questions during the interview, while Alford – who was in uniform and armed – stood nearby.

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