Jan 242018
 January 24, 2018  Posted by  Non-U.S.

DutchNews.nl reports:

A mass dna test in Limburg to find the killer of an 11-year boy almost 20 years ago  will start next month, local broadcaster 1Limburg said on Wednesday. Officials plan to ask 15,000 men to take part in the programme on a voluntary basis in what 1Limburger says is the biggest dna screening ever held in the Netherlands. The mass test should have been carried out last year but was delayed to wait for the introduction of cheaper and more efficient dna testing techniques.

Read more on DutchNews.nl.

It doesn’t say what happens to the DNA after the investigation or if someone’s DNA is clearly not a match for crime-scene DNA. Will they purge it or keep it? And what if someone declines to volunteer?

In my spare time (hahahahaha), I’ll try to find some more coverage of this.

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