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 May 28, 2010  Posted by  Non-U.S., Surveillance

Several councils that have implemented an alternative passport issuance system to the one being developed by the National Police will now be allowed to keep that system, as the justice minister has scrapped the Pas 2.0 system.

According to engineering news source Version2, justice minister Lars Barfoed has deemed the National Police’s long-overdue Pas 2.0 as too expensive and said a new, cheaper system will be developed.

Because of the system’s delay, around 20 of the country’s 98 councils implemented an alternative passport issuance system from Danish supplier Scan-Tech.

The original Pas 2.0 system was supposed to be biometric that included digital imaging and fingerprint scan capabilities. But Barfoed said he wanted a ‘less fancier model’ that was both more affordable and more flexible.

Read more in the Copenhagen Post.

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