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It’s a bit risky to post personal info and photos on social media, as you never know how it might come back to bite you in terms of employment — or divorce. It seems that matrimonial lawyers are really using Facebook as a primary investigative resource to find evidence on cheating spouses and the like. And when Facebook changed its privacy controls and made more info public than users knew or wanted, some divorce lawyers had a field day.

Stephanie Chen reports:


Facebook — where attorneys find most of the evidence and leads — has gradually relaxed privacy settings over the last year. Attorneys say that enabled some members’ personal details to be leaked without the user realizing it, attorneys say. On May 26th, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged the problem and, in a blog, announced new tools making it easier for users to tighten privacy settings and block outside parties from seeing personal information.

“It’s becoming all but impossible to protect your information unless you spend hours and hours figuring it out,” said Lee Rosen, a divorce attorney in North Carolina, who added he reaped the benefits of the tricky privacy controls in a recent case.

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