Feb 022017
 February 2, 2017  Posted by  Breaches, Healthcare, U.S.

Rachel Stockman reports:

The quirky Upper East Side doctor, Harold N. Bornstein, apparently can’t stop talking about his now very famous patient, President Donald Trump. A new tell-all piece published in The New York Times is almost uncomfortable to read because it is so personal. Bornstein told reporters that Trump takes Propecia which is marketed to treat male baldness. But some are questioning if Dr. Bornstein’s “meandering” interview with The Times is a violation of HIPAA, which is a federal law that requires doctors to protect patients medical records and keep health issues confidential.

“Assuming (Trump) bills a health plan or insurance company (almost guaranteed he does), then HIPAA precludes non-consensual disclosure,” attorney Robert Barnes told LawNewz.com. 

Read more on LawNewz. As some have pointed out, even if this is not a HIPAA-covered situation, New York State has laws on patient confidentiality. Will anyone do anything, though?

Would President Trump as Patient Trump file any complaint? Will he tweet about this? It would be great if the President/Patient affirmed the importance of patient privacy and confidentiality.

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