Jan 062010
 January 6, 2010  Posted by  Breaches, Court

There have been many news stories about the impact of identity theft on individuals, with some of the most serious stories involving people who were arrested because their identity had been stolen. But did identity theft indirectly contribute to a miscarriage as a lawsuit filed in Nevada suggests? Nick Divito reports:

A pregnant woman with gestational diabetes says she had a miscarriage after being given only one meal during the eight hours she was detained.

Christie Tullis says in Clark County Court that she was pulled over in January 2008 by police in the Vegas suburb of Henderson and arrested on what appeared to be a warrant for failure to appear on burglary charges in 2002.

Tullis says she tried to explain that she was never arrested, that her ID and Social Security card were stolen in 2002, and that this was clearly a case of mistaken identities.

She says she also told an officer that she was six weeks pregnant and had gestational diabetes that required her to check her blood-sugar two hours after eating.

Tullis says she was held for more than eight hours and given only one meal. When she was released from the Henderson Detention Center, she says she miscarried her baby.

She seeks at least $40,000 for false arrest, civil rights violations and negligence.

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