Apr 102015
 April 10, 2015  Posted by  Surveillance

Joe Cadillic writes that as more and more smart meters and smart devices are deployed, the government will have access to more and more details of our private lives. And it’s the Department of Homeland Security that he’s particularly concerned about:

The answer’s obvious, Homeland Security is behind it. Click here & here to read more.

There’s even a ‘ National Energy Sector Cyber Security Organization‘ funded by both the DOE and DHS. For those of you “in the know,” you know there’s really no difference between the DOE and DHS they’re one and the same. Click herehere & here to read more.

Need more proof ‘Smart Meters’  are controlled and monitored by DHS? Look no further than DHS’s ‘Control Systems Security Program‘ Where they admit to working with “control systems owners, vendors and law enforcement”.

“The Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team collaborates with international and private sector Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) to share control systems-related security incidents and mitigation measures.”

Read more on MassPrivateI.

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