May 142012
 May 14, 2012  Posted by  Business

Jeffrey Roman reports:

One way of improving consumer data privacy and security online is to encourage layered privacy notices, says privacy lawyer Alan Friel.

Friel, a partner in the law firm of Edwards Wildman Palmer, spoke with Information Security Media Group about the Federal Trade Commission’s privacy framework and its implications for organizations seeking to adhere to the new standards.


The way a layered policy works is up-front, a user sees a bullet list containing the most important items, “something that can be read on a single smart-phone screen,” Friel says. Then, if a user so wishes, he or she can click through the bullets to additional layers of detail.

“It’s possible to have both simple, concise notice at the point of collection or at the point of download, but at the same time have multiple layers of detail if somebody so chooses to dig into that detail,” he says.

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