Apr 172015
 April 17, 2015  Posted by  Healthcare, Laws, Youth & Schools

Melissa C. Rodman of the Harvard Crimson reports:

Students have raised concerns that the Bureau of Study Counsel’s administrative move to the College’s purview may compromise their privacy, but the College maintains that it will not.

Administrators will not use information gathered from students’ meetings with BSC counselors for disciplinary purposes, Faculty of Arts and Sciences spokesperson Rachael Dane wrote in an email.

Although sensitive student information may be shared among the BSC and College administrators on a need-to-know basis, “it is important for students to be able to have private conversations about their thoughts and feelings with knowledgeable advisors,” Dane wrote on behalf of Dean of Undergraduate Education Jay M. Harris.


During a two-hour town hall meeting earlier this month, students raised concerns about potential changes in student privacy that might arise from the BSC’s administrative transfer from Harvard University Health Services, governed by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, to the College, governed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

Read more on The Harvard Crimson.

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