Sep 042015
 September 4, 2015  Posted by  Online, Surveillance, U.S., Youth & Schools

Alyssa Nakamoto reports that in light of controvery in Florida over schools’ use of Snaptrends to monitor students’ social media activity, KUSA inquired what schools in Denver were doing with respect to social media policies.

Adams 12 School District says it is aware of the program. It says it has been evaluating the program as an option to complement existing safety measures. However, they want a program that pushes any concerning posts to the district, rather than monitoring their student’s social media accounts.

Denver Public Schools says they are not currently proactively monitoring social media. It is looking at this program for the future, but is not currently using it.

Cherry Creek School District and Douglas County School District are not using this program and do not have plans to. Cherry Creek says when there is a concern of violence at schools, it is brought to their attention.

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For previous coverage of Florida schools’ monitoring, search this blog for “Snaptrends”.

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