Oct 192010
 October 19, 2010  Posted by  Online

Shaun Dakin, who is passionate about stopping political robo-calls, has been all over the Democrats for aspects of their online campaigning.

The other day, he pointed out how Democrats display personal information of registered Democrats on their 2010 OFA Call Tool web site.  After looking at the site, I agreed with his concerns.  There is simply no reason to make that information available to the curious.  The campaign would show more respect for privacy, in my opinion, if only registered volunteers who login to the site would see the data.  It may be true that the Democrats are not revealing as much information as they used to reveal on calling lists and they’re revealing it to fewer people, but there is still some simple steps they could have taken and should take to protect privacy.

Now today, Shaun blogs about the Democrats’ Facebook “Commit To Vote Challenge” and how it winds up spamming:

Little did I know that the application was going to take ALL of my friends that I selected and simultaneously post my challenge to them at the same time!

The result?

10 or more posts to my news feed with pretty much the exact same message in what would safely be described as the first “robo facebook political spam” in history.

Great going Democrats !

Is anyone in the Democrats paying attention? And if not, why not?

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