Apr 062011
 April 6, 2011  Posted by  Laws, Surveillance

Grant Gross reports:

Congress needs to rewrite a law governing law enforcement access to mobile-phone data, e-mail messages and other electronic communications to reflect changes in technology, including a growing reliance on cloud computing, several senators said Wednesday.

Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee called for changes to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA), even though two representatives of President Obama’s administration wouldn’t commit to supporting major changes to the 25-year-old law during a committee hearing.

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  One Response to “Democrats call for update to e-surveillance law”

  1. The whole issue of social networking, facebook, Twitter etc. has really upped the ante when it comes to the law struggling to keep up.

    All kinds of issues such as data protection, privacy, e-surveillance etc are growing and complex areas..

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