Feb 182015
 February 18, 2015  Posted by  Surveillance, U.S.

AFP-JIJI reports that the Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Elevated Netted Sensor System (JLENS) blimp, which the government says is intended to spot low-flying cruise missiles amid thousands of aircraft in this corner of the U.S. East Coast, is making the people who live under it uncomfortable:

“There is a particular visceral reaction to looking up in the sky and seeing someone or something staring back at you,” said Ginger McCall of the Electronic Privacy Information Center in Washington.

Combing through thousands of pages it obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, the nonprofit group found no guarantee that JLENS will not be used for ground surveillance.

Instead, it came across contracts stating that “the technology was specifically designed to integrate very high definition video” to track and identify people and vehicles in a five-kilometer (three mile) radius,” McCall said.

Read more on Japan Times.

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