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 November 21, 2010  Posted by  Featured News, Surveillance

Dear Delta:

I’m one of your customers, SkyMiles number and all.  Well, I was.  After last weekend’s “security theater” performance by TSA while flying home from Atlanta, I won’t be flying  you or NWA again in the foreseeable future.

I was standing in the security area, having already needlessly shed my shoes, jacket and laptop, glumly looking at the full body scanner that I would presumably be asked to step into.  As I was contemplating my options — and being arrested for noncompliance seemed the most reasonable option —  suddenly someone yelled, “Everyone FREEZE!”

We all froze.  But no one told us why we were frozen or if they said something, it couldn’t be heard from where I was on line.

For minutes, we all remained frozen while all I could hear was shouting and people running.

As a former medic, I wondered whether my skills would be needed.

As a person with an occasional heart problem, I realized that I was in arrhythmia.

Finally, we were allowed to move again.

It was apparently all a drill for TSA.

Was the drill supposed to reassure me that TSA was ready to protect us?  If so, it failed.  Indeed, it backfired, because now TSA and Delta are associated with arrhythmia and why would I want to expose myself to that anxiety again, right?

So I’ve had enough.  I’ve already made plans to add a day or two to my next business trip so I can drive there and back.  Yes, it will take me longer, but I can pack what I want, carry what I want with me, and most importantly, I won’t have to deal with TSA.

Maybe if you lose enough business, you will start lobbying Congress to restore some sanity and respect for citizens who travel by air.  I am not a criminal and I refuse to be treated as such by my own government.

Until then, farewell, Delta – and you, too, Air Canada.  I won’t be booking the 1-2 dozen flights I’d probably book with you next year, either.  I’ll just stay home instead if Congress doesn’t straighten out this TSA outrage.

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