Nov 192010
 November 19, 2010  Posted by  Surveillance

Megan McArdle is the business and economics editor for The Atlantic:

Dear Airline, I’m Leaving You

But don’t feel too bad. It’s not you, it’s me. Or rather, it’s the TSA.

I’m not going to lie. It’s come between us. If I have to let someone else see me naked in order to be with you–well, I’m just not that kinky. And deep down, I don’t think you are either. I think it’s the TSA making you act like this. Frankly, you haven’t been the same since you started running around together.

But I can’t put all the blame on them. I think you went along because you thought I had to have you–that I couldn’t live without you. That no matter what you did, I’d stay. And it’s true, you had a pretty strong hold on me. Took away the food, and I still loved you–who wanted to eat a terrible, fattening meal anyway? Narrowed the distance between the seats, and still I stayed, using my airline miles to upgrade to first class. Charge me for baggage? I’m an economics writer–I love unbundled products. So I can see where you got the idea that I’d stick by you no matter what.

Read more in The Atlantic. There are over 400 comments on her article as of the time of this posting, indicating, once again, that this issue has really affected a number of people who might not normally be very vocal about privacy issues.

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