Sep 162015
 September 16, 2015  Posted by  Business, U.S.

Truman Lewis reports:

If you’ve spent any time browsing car dealers’ sites lately, chances are you’ve been invited to download an app that would supposedly make your car-shopping faster, easier, and so forth.

Some apps might really do that but you may pay an unexpected price for it in lost privacy.

That’s what brought DealerApp Vantage LLC to the attention of the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs.  The Piscataway, N.J., company develops apps for hundreds of car dealers, each of them customized to reflect the dealer’s brand.

But the state agency says that besides providing information to consumers and the dealers who host the app on their websites, DealerApp Vantage also collects and disseminates app users’ personal information without their knowledge or permission.

Read more on Consumer Affairs.

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