Mar 112011
 March 11, 2011  Posted by  Non-U.S., Online

Laurence Eastham writes:

With doubts about implementation of the EU’s ‘cookie consent’ requirements and the suggestion that cloud cuckoo land has at last been found (apparently it is in Denmark), it is time to ask if there is a disconnect between commercial reality and privacy requirements. And whose fault is it?You may have missed the story about the Danish data protection regulator and the application from a local education authority to use cloud computing for certain purposes. Summarising wildly, Datatilsynet told Odense Municipality that it could not use Google Apps online office suite with calendar and document processing features because Google Ireland was not to be trusted. Among other objections, the Datatilsynet view was that the local authority had done insufficient risk assessment. There is a short account here and the full rejection is here.

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