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 June 14, 2013  Posted by  Business, Govt, Non-U.S.

Robin Wauters writes:

In what seems to have garnered precious little attention, Sweden’s data protection agency earlier this week ruled to (again) disallow an agreement between a tiny municipality and Google for the use of cloud services, such as Google Apps, within the public body.

The Swedish data regulator had requested changes in the agreement between Google and the municipality of Salem in order to comply with local privacy laws. On Monday, the bureau said a new deal between the two parties came with “the same shortcomings”, however.

As Robin points out, this is not the first time Google has encountered this type of problem, and it may only get worse for them in light of their consolidated privacy policy:

The bigger picture is Google’s increasing number of run-ins with local government bodies across Europe – and the European Commission. Last year, the latter proposed comprehensive reforms to strengthen online privacy rights across the board — changes that could have significant repercussions for US tech companies with operations in Europe.

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  2 Responses to “Dark clouds loom over Google in the EU as Swedish data regulator kills a Google Apps deal”

  1. Soorry Google. Sweden doesn’t trust you anymore because of US Law…

  2. Soorry Google. Sweden doesn’t trust you anymore because of US Law…

    And NSA PRISM.

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