Feb 102020
 February 10, 2020  Posted by  Breaches

I know many of my readers are savvy enough and will have already read some warnings, but I am posting this here because you need to warn your kids, your friends, and elderly relatives if they are not as savvy as you are.  You need to warn them not to click on links in emails about coronavirus because there are scams and malware attacks linked to many of these emails.

Some emails will tell you to click on a link or go to a url to get something that will supposedly help protect you from coronavirus (like an offer for free masks).

Other emails will pitch to your kind heart by asking you to donate to the “Department of Health” to support its efforts to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

I have already received a number of emails that are likely linked to malware. I just delete them from my inbox. I would suggest you do the same if you receive any emails about coronavirus and free offers.

And do spread the word…. we don’t want to spread coronavirus, and we don’t want to spread scams.  We want to spread awareness.

And this might be a good time to have that conversation with your relatives and friends about good antivirus software and if they have it, whether they update it regularly and run scans on their system.  An ounce of prevention and all, you know….

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