Oct 192011
 October 19, 2011  Posted by  Online

Byron Acohido reports:

The more you use Facebook, the less likely you are to be concerned about privacy invasion. That’s the core finding of a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll telephone survey last week of more than 2,000 adults.


Only 26% of respondents who use Facebook at least daily said they were “very concerned” about privacy, compared with 35% who use the social network at least once a week, and 39% who use Facebook less often.

Read more on USA Today.

So which came first – the chicken or the egg? Does repeated use of Facebook lead to desensitization to privacy concerns, or do frequent users make a conscious choice that loss of privacy is worth the value they get from the service? Or is it the case that those who are daily or heavy users of Facebook are less likely to make privacy a priority to begin with?

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