Mar 122011
 March 12, 2011  Posted by  Surveillance

Back in January, I posted a news item about how D.C. jails were going to start fingerprinting visitors to check for outstanding warrants on the visitors. Needless to say, I was not a proponent of the plan.

Now today, Associated Press reports that the Dept. of Corrections is re-evaluating its plan and has put it on hold because of a “host of legal, financial and operational concerns that have been raised.”

The fingerprint proposal had raised concerns that it would be overly intrusive, though jail officials said they never planned to store the fingerprints and that it would be up to police to decide what to do if the prints turned up an outstanding warrant.

“Concerns?” “Overly intrusive?” Is this department-speak for “We may have a problem with the Fourth Amendment?”  Or will some savvy lawyer tell me that once again, the Fourth Amendment doesn’t apply?

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