Jun 042016
 June 4, 2016  Posted by  Non-U.S., Surveillance

India Ashok reports:

UAE journalists, activists and dissidents are being targeted with custom-made spyware by a cyberespionage group called Stealth Falcon. The advanced persistent threat (APT) group is believed to be circumstantially linked to the UAE government and uses email and social media sites to deploy phishing attacks and infect victims’ systems.

University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab published a report that detailed that Stealth Falcon has been involved in attacks against those who have been actively critical of the UAE government. The report also indicated that the UAE government, which was once one of the most loyal and high profile clients of Hacking Team – the Milan-based intrusive surveillance merchandising firm – may now be making use of Stealth Falcon to target dissidents.

Read more on IBT.

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